Career Development Center

Our Goal

The goal of the Samford Career Development Center staff is threefold: to equip students and alumni with tools for effective decision making, goal setting, and personal development; to direct individuals to resources for vocational exploration and professional development; and to connect the Samford community with employers and career opportunities.

Resources for Alumni

The Samford Career Development Center
has many resources for students and alumni. Alumni can practice in mock interviews, receive resume critiques, and inquire about career counseling. Individuals can contact the office to set up an appointment at 205-726-2980 or visit their website for more information.

Alumni also have access to the job postings at HireSamford.

Meet Our Staff

Brent Latta
Career Counselor

Phone: 205-726-4090

>>Read more about Brent Latta


Ashley Cacioppo
Director of Experiential Education

Phone:  205-726-2836 

>>Read more about Ashley Cacioppo

Heather Averett
Director of Employer Relations

Phone:  205-726-2578

>>Read more about Heather Averett


Laura Logan
Program Assistant

Phone: 205-726-4182

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Ben Siple
Administrative Assistant

Phone:  205-726-2980 

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Heather Mitchell
Director of Career Counseling

Phone:  205-726-2190 

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