Young Alumni Programs

To keep recent graduates involved, Samford has organized young alumni programs in our two biggest markets, Birmingham and Atlanta. Leadership groups in these cities schedule events several times a year to help young alums make connections with each other and to keep our young alumni aware of what’s happening through Samford.   

Each spring we host events to help graduating seniors make the transition to life as alumni. Recent alums are often invited back to campus for special events with seniors, sharing their stories and words of advice.

 Birmingham Young 
Alumni Board Members
   Atlanta Young Alumni 
Board Members
Lauren Lunceford, Chair, '08
 Lindsey Crider Bloodworth, '12
Isaac Cooper, '12
Meredith Henry, '07
Lee Ross, '09
Taylor Strickland, '10
Allison Hubbard Strickland, '13 
Meghan Allen '09
Susan Hamm, Chair, '11
Ashlyn Stallings, '11
Martin Bunt '11
Rich Havard '11
Trip Reed '05
Emily Sheppard '09
Andrew Toney '12

For more information regarding the young alumni boards and how to get involved, contact the Office of Alumni Programs at or the city's board chair.