Samford Loves Atlanta! With our close proximity, various Samford schools and groups host events around the Atlanta metro area throughout the year. We hope you will choose to join us whenever you are able. As one example, our Brock School of Business hosts regular Samford Business Network events for all Samford constituents in Atlanta and other cities.

    Watch for event and program announcements through Samford websites and social media: 

    Samford University Alumni Association
    Samford Brock School of Business

    Local Resources
    Atlanta's Visitor Guide
    Looking to visit Atlanta? Check out the Atlanta Now--the official visitors guide of Atlanta.

    Local Dining
    Atlanta has quite a few restaurants and eateries. Narrow down the list with this restaurant guide!

    Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
    Want to find out more about working in Metro Atlanta? The Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce has great resources for job seekers and currently employed residents.